Bees 2.0

I present Bees 2.0 for your perusal:

7 foot high, 10’x10′ bear proof cage.  At least we all hope it’s bear proof!

The posts are driven 3′ into the ground, and are wrapped every 6 inches with High Tensile trellis wire.  Every other wire is electrified with 8.8Kv, 2 joule electrified fencer.  This fencer is rated for 25 miles of fence; we have about 240 feet…

Since pretty much everyone knows how I feel about killing a bear and guns in general, we hope that this is the best solution for the bees and bears to peacefully co-exist.



You can see the entrance here.  4 wires can be removed to enter the bee habitat.



bees installed; watered; put to bed after their exhausting journey from the bee factory.





MaryAnne is even getting into bee keeping!





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