Lions and Tigers and BEARS, OH MY!!

Our honey bee hive was destroyed by a bear sometime during the week of March 25th.  Here are some pictures of the aftermath.  The bear really did a number on the hive.  it’s a total loss.  About a hundred pounds of honey destroyed.  the Bee’s are dead.  the hive has been destroyed.  It’s a sad day…

Take a look at the blue ratchet strap.  The bear actually broke it!  The strap was rated for 1,200 pounds!!



He chewed the spool that I’ve used as a work table out by the hive.

IMG_4389 IMG_4380

1,200 pound ratchet strap!


IMG_4374 IMG_3226 IMG_3223 IMG_3216 IMG_3211 IMG_3210 IMG_3207 IMG_3198 IMG_3197 IMG_3192


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  • Well, there is always a learning curve, and we sure found it! The good that came out of it is it forced us to research and build a safe place for the bees to live, and it also has gotten me more into caring for our ‘little’ honey making friends, and they are really interesting creatures!

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