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Hello everybody –

We are trying to get a head start on next year, and would like to start laying out the vineyard this year before the snow flies.  Since it’s only MaryAnne and myself most of the time, it might not happen, but I’m hopeful that we have a mild fall and get some posts in the ground sooner rather than later.


IMG_2699We learned that you get a price break when you buy a full bundle of posts!  So, yep: one full bundle please!

The really nice boys over at the Himrod Farm supply were more than happy enough to fill up my truck with a full bundle.

Please do not try this at home: The bundle of 8 footers, and the extra 20 of the 10 footers weighs more than your average pickup truck can carry.  My back of the napkin calculation has this coming in around 3,800 pounds.  No problem for a heavy duty 1 ton dually, just don’t attempt this with your standard half ton pickup truck.


IMG_2698 IMG_2696

IMG_2695Sadly, the tractor was just on the edge of lifting the big bundle out in one fell swoop.

But, no such luck, we had to cut the bands and unload the bundle one at a time.


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