Welcome to IBFG Farms!

Just like the farm, this web site is under construction! IBFG Farms, is a startup farm located in Watkins Glen NY.  IBFG stands for I Be Farming Grapes, which is what we are doing!

More info will be coming soon.

Many thanks to everyone who is helping us build the farm from the ground up:

Ray our amazing sysadmin (thanks for getting WordPress up and running!)

Erin, our new VP of Marketing!

Chris, our hard working Temporary Relief Assistant Farming Operations Supervisor.

Amber for keeping us all going with her constant encouragement.

Our herd of 10,000 bee’s for pollinating everything,

and Schrödinger for thinking outside of the box!



IMG_2901 IMG_2843 IMG_2838


Check out the recent activity at the Farm!

Please email jim AT ibfg.org for more information.

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