Bees 2.0


I present Bees 2.0 for your perusal: 7 foot high, 10’x10′ bear proof cage.  At least we all hope it’s bear proof! The posts are driven 3′ into the ground, and are wrapped every 6 inches with High Tensile trellis wire.  Every other wire is electrified with 8.8Kv, 2 joule electrified fencer.  This fencer is rated for 25 miles of […]

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Posts for the vineyard


Hello everybody – We are trying to get a head start on next year, and would like to start laying out the vineyard this year before the snow flies.  Since it’s only MaryAnne and myself most of the time, it might not happen, but I’m hopeful that we have a mild fall and get some posts in the ground sooner […]

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About Us


Hello, we are IBFG Farms We grow food Sustainable, real, organic food.  We grow what we love. We love what we do. Over the years, we noticed that somehow along the way, the food that we were seeing in stores was looking less and less like food. We believe the best foods are grown in the simplest of ways and […]

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